We joined the initiative "My piece for peace" to be able to contribute to changes in our society with our own ideas, work and energy. These changes are necessary to independently, inventively and successfully create and co-design a better future for us all. Our team is united by creativity, openness and solidarity with other people, a positive attitude and proactive approach. We believe that everyone can contribute to a more open, tolerant, friendly, creative and successful society in his/her own way.

Maks Lenart Černelč

I am a research artist. I was born on October 8th of 2005. I live with my parents in Ljubljana, where I visit the fifth grade of Primary school Majda Vrhovnik.

I like to create things: drawing, painting, writing stories, dealing with music or dancing in the Zebra Dance Club. My favourite classes are history, nature sciences, mathematics. My wish is to become a scientist.

My talent for drawing and painting was discovered in the first grade by professor Andreja Pečnik. Since then I had six independent art exhibitions. My works have been presented on several common exhibitions at home and abroad. There are more than 200 drawings and paintings which I presented to the public. My painting Fairytale country Slovenia won the first prize on the G4D competition and was decorating Google’s homepage on the 23rd of January 2014. Another of my paintings named Race through Slovenia adorned the official shirts of the 2014 Cycle Race through Slovenia. Last year I wrote a book titled Family W5051 which I equipped with my own paintings. In October 2015 my drawing Healthy by painting won the first prize in my age class category on the First International Festival of Pediatric Patients’ Painting (IFPPP).This international festival was hosted by The Health and Art group of Teheran.

Because of the spinal muscular atrophy I am physically disabled and chronically sick.

I was happy to accept the invitation to join the initiative My piece for peace. For this purpose I drew the picture Distress – hope, Slovenia, fall 2015.

Ljubljana, Slovenia. MAKS LENART CERNELC - winner of 1st Pediatrical paintings festival in Teheran, Iran on 22-Oct-2015. Photo: Andrej Kriz/Krater media

“I responded to the invitation to join the initiative “My piece for peace” because it’s cool to contribute something for children in need.”


With this painting I wanted to draw attention to children who have lost their homes, families, education, careless play, children who had to flee or move with their parents to save their lives. I wanted to show their distress, sorrow and pain. I wanted to show children and their dreams about freedom, family, education and play, together with demolished cities. Ongoing attacks and huge numbers of people on the road. Wires represent terror and what is happening in the world frightens me. The sun is happy whereas it seems like a little devil. I used vivid colours because life is diverse, there is good and bad.

I would ask the world’s leaders to try, to make an effort and to put all their knowledge and power into stopping the attacks and wars as fast as possible, and thus enable a life in peace, freedom and security for all people. We have one world belonging to all of us.



Source: Delo



Honorary Patronage

Predsednik republike Borut Pahor

My Peace For Peace initiative is taking place under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor.


ISA institut_logotip_kratek

ISA institute is a private non-profit institute. Our main activities are trainings of professional and lay public, psychological counseling and psychotherapy. The important focus of our work is primary prevention in fields of stress, psychological trauma, violence, mental health and other fields related to the personal growth. We are involved in different national and international projects focusing on empowerment of vulnerable groups (children, victims of violence, migrants…). With a high quality of our services, we aim to achieve socially important objectives in the areas of our work.


Society Ključ – center for fight against trafficking in human beings is non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization, working the field of fight against trafficking in human beings in Slovenia. We offer different forms of assistance to victims of trafficking (safe accommodation, counselling, and reintegration). A great deal of our work is aimed to numerous preventive activities, especially raising awareness among adolescents to prevent them to become victims of trafficking and raising awareness among professionals who may come into contact with potential or actual victims of trafficking in human beings.


STEP Institute is dynamic and innovative private non-profit institute that is dealing with people development. Our mission is to empower people for better functioning in work environment.

We help people to discover and nurture their talents, develop soft skills and realizing their entrepreneurial ideas into practice. Our experts are educated in the fields of psychology, economy and sociology, so we offer integrated approach to complex challenges such as unemployment, lack of employability skills, weak business thinking and social exclusion.

Social marketing Iz principa is an agency which creates, designs and composes innovative communication stories and evolves various types of communication with target groups. We offer creative solutions primarily to non-profit organisations, companies and for projects which stimulate positive changes of the society. Our work in the field of social marketing shall contribute to the improvement of values, mutual understanding, respect and appreciation as well as enhance the quality of human lives.

Slovenian Migration Institute (SMI) at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) is involved in interdisciplinary research of international migration. Researchers are focused on emigration and immigration issues, analyses of return migration, ethnicity, migration and integration processes and policies, cultural-artistic production of migrants and different methodological and theoretical research approaches to migration. Researchers are involved in international projects and strive to compare their own research with related Slovenian and foreign research methods and results.


Primary school Koper is one of the biggest but also one of the youngest Slovenian schools. It was opened in 2006, when two city schools merged under one roof. The school is just a bit short of 1000 pupils and is highly active in various national and international projects. It is well know for its best practices in field of integration of migrant children and promotion of interculturality.

OŠ Majde Vrhovnik

Primary school Majde Vrhovnik (Gregorčičeva 16, 1000 Ljubljana) is the most centrally located school in Ljubljana. It is medium sized school with 464 students in 20 departments. Their vision is: with mutual respect for satisfied students, teachers and parents. The values that they pay particular attention to are honesty, knowledge, mutual respect, justice and solidarity. School is well known for its rich extracurricular activities. Their students and teachers are active in various national and international projects.



The initiative “My piece for peace” is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Slovenia.

MOL logotip_barvni_veliki_cmyk_2

The initiative “My piece for peace” is supported by The City of Ljubljana.


The initiative “My piece for peace” is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia.