The initiative was launched on February 1st and will last until April 11th of 2016. All products have to be submitted by 24.00 of April 11th of 2016. Every school participating in the initiative can send a maximum of three products. Click on “Add your piece” will provide you more information about submitting your image of better world.

The products that will not have all attachments or that will be evaluated as inappropriate, due to inappropriate content related to other nations or ethnic groups or will contain discriminatory, racial, hate or illegal messages, will not be published on our website.

Your steps

1. step

Based on Maks’s picture “Distress – hope, Slovenia, fall 2015” prepare your idea of how to change this “picture of the world”.

You can download Maks’s picture  here

Your idea can be presented in the following format:

  • Paintings or pictures using any technique (A3 format),
  • Comic book stories, using any technique, no more than 1 page in length (A3 format),
  • Photos or photo collage, in digital format (jpg). Photos should not be digitally manipulated.

The inspiration for changing the “picture of the world” can come from various facts of life, such as freedom, home, family, friends, playtime, sports, art…In case you will have textual messages in your product, they have to be in English language.

Your final creative product can be uploaded in “Add your piece” form. Since we are curious about your work, please fill in and attach two Word documents (information about work, author and school & declaration of copyrights).



2. Step

Record a short presentation video

The video should contain:

  • Your message to the world leaders regarding the “change of the current picture of the world” and
  • The slogan of the initiative, namely “My piece for peace”.

Your message can be presented in the native languages of your students. In this case, you have to add a translation of the message to English language when submitting the video.

The video can be recorded with a mobile phone. Video length should be up to 60 seconds. You can also add sound materials, such as music, but please make sure you respect copyrights. To make things easier for the viewers, choose one of the following formats: AVI, QuickTime (mov), MPEG, Flash.

Uploading video is simple: just attach it to “Add your piece” form and send it together with other documents.


3. Step

Best practices of developing interculturalism, solidarity, and tolerance in your school

Send us a short presentation of one best practice (activity or a set of activities), which is performed at your school in order to strengthen solidarity, tolerance, interculturalism, understanding and openness toward other people.


Please use the template attached at “Add your piece” page. Don’t worry if you need more time to collect information about intercultural practices. You can also send intercultural practice description after you submitted your creative piece and video.



Our steps


1. Step

Creating a message for the world leaders

Online postcards

All products that will be submitted by the determined deadline will be included in the selection process to determine which products will be included in the message sent to the world leaders. The products will be reviewed by the editorial board from April 11th to April 20th of 2016. We will create e-postcards from the chosen materials and send them to the world leaders. Furthermore, we will prepare a special e-book of postcards. The online postcards will be available for everybody on our website.

Short video messages

Based on the shortlisted videos, a common video message will be created and sent to the world leaders.


2. Step

New picture of the world

Maks will create a new “different picture of the world” based on the products provided by the students of primary schools. The new “picture of the world” and other products will be presented at the final event in the center of Ljubljana (most likely in May of 2016). In this way, we will illustrate the central message of our initiative that a small contribution of each and every one can contribute to world peace.


For additional information regarding the initiative or cooperation in the initiative please do not hesitate to contact us via the following e-mail: info@mypieceforpeace.com.