All documents that you need to download, fill in and attach are found on this page. Process of file uploading is fast and simple. However, if you experience any trouble, just contact us ( and we will find a solution for you.


We believe you will dedicate most of your time to the creation of your creative work and video. But to present your products more clearly, we need a short information about your school and products. You can download simple form about your work, author and school here:

Students of your school are real artists in this project and as such owners of the copyrights. To publish their work we need a permission from your school. Please download Declaration on copyright and permission of data publication here:

Has your school implemented practices that promote interculturalism, solidarity and tolerance? We would be grateful, if you share them with us. We will collect best practices’ presentations and publish them online. Simple form to present best practices can be downloaded here:


Submitting your creative work (painting, comic book stories or photo collage) is very simple. You just need to fill in some basic data, add two fully filled forms, insert a creative work and attach a video. When you will be ready just press submit button.



Intercultural practice presentation can be uploaded separately from your creative work and video. Please fill in all information in the best practices form. If you have some interesting documents, photos and articles that you want to share with us, please attach them as well (you can upload up to three files).