Add your piece for peace

The children who participated in the first part of the initiative have, with their sincere wishes and ideas about peace and their view of a better world, truly inspired us to contribute our own piece for peace. We would like to create a more tolerant, free and better world for them and for us all. We believe that each and every one of us can do this by contributing his or her own piece and that every good deed or action, even the smallest, can help change the picture of the world to a more positive one.


We invite you to join us in December and add your piece for peace: share a good deed with us and show how you contribute to more respectful, accepting, positive and intercultural society and world with actions and not only with words.


We will contribute our own pieces and share the pieces, stories and good deeds of individuals, schools and organisations on our Facebook page.


You can share your good deed with us in any kind of format: you can send us a photo, video, story, poem or news (or anything else – creativity has no limits) – the idea is that you make something good and positive for another person or a group in your local environment or society.


We invite you to send e-postcards with kind thoughts to your friends and colleagues and invite them to contribute their piece for peace.


We look forward to your response and to help paint a more positive picture of the world together with you.

As Maks said: "The world we live in is only one for all of us.”


»Distress – hope«
Maks Lenart Černelč, Primary School Majde Vrhovnik Ljubljana, Slovenia