My piece for peace

Each day we are witnessing too many sad stories of children that, due to war do not have the freedom to enjoy a safe childhood, who are deprived of the possibility to a sound development, a peaceful life and the freedom to learn. With their families they are fleeing their countries to come to Europe for a better future, away from their homes and the life they know. Such an image of the world is not beautiful and not right. We want to change this.

Everyone can contribute his or her piece to change the current picture of the world. Our children are those who share the world of tomorrow. With their help we are going to create a public and widespread call to all country leaders worldwide. Together, and in a very special way, we will ask them to be committed and sincere and to combine their power and aid in order to shape better times. The initiative shall contribute to a stronger solidarity, tolerance, understanding and openness towards people we live with and share this world.

My Peace For Peace initiative is taking place under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor.

Children of primary schools from the European Union and other countries around the world will help us to perform this beautiful task by sending their ideas and thoughts, all in their own genuine way: creative expression. The first one we invited was Maks Lenart Černelč, a fifth grader of a Ljubljana primary school. Maks drew a picture which shows the whole suffering of today’s world. Children of co-operating primary schools will – based on Maks’s drawing – with their own creativeness in paintings, photographs or comic book stories prepare a proposal how to change the world’s picture.

They will also prepare a short film where they present their message to the world leaders. All primary schools involved will also send a short presentation of one activity which they carry out to strengthen solidarity, tolerance, interculturalism, understanding and openness towards our fellow human beings. On the basis of all presented works Maks will draw a new and better picture of the world. This new picture and all other pieces of work will be presented at the closing event of the project in Ljubljana’s city centre.

It is our wish that this initiative is joint by everyone who will not remain indifferent.

Let us change this picture, let us help to change the world!

ISA Institute
OŠ Majde Vrhovnik
Društvo Kjuč
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